Busy Bees

Kid Friendly Spray Paint!

All you need is:
* Paint
* Water
* Spray bottle
You shake shake it and spray it

Let’s Read!!! (Ends Memorial Day)

Check out PBSKIDS on Facebook today at 12:00pm for “Monday’s With Michelle Obama” it’s quick pre-recorded read aloud but it’s gives the kids something different to do and come on who does not want to see Michelle! What I do is I set the kids up with the tablet to watch as I am preparing lunch! I think it’s a win win. I get quiet and they get a book read aloud to them! #pbskidsread

This is a quick spring activity for the kids all you need is a coffer filter and markers, as a stem I used a uncooked spaghetti noodle.

This is the schedule I try to go by most days! Some days are better then others! We have plenty of meltdown but I feel if I keep them on schedule they will be tired and ready to rest at 1:00 which gives me a much needed break and quiet time! Below is the download! Always remember not everyday is perfect !! Ask God for help to get you through the day! All you need is a little GRACE!

With a schedule like this something has to give! So don’t think my house is the neatest place in the world. My house is clean but it can get messy! Give your self grace! There is no such thing a Super Mom!
Teach Our Children about Juneteenth!

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