Picking fruit with your little ones is a lot of fun as well as exsausting. Today we picked strawberries and raspberries! The babies didn’t last long but me and justice had such a good time. We talked and laughed as we enjoyed the warm summer breeze the beautiful view the sound of nature.

While I was picking the raspberries I noticed that some were easier to pull them others. It is a twist pull technique that you have to do and if you pull too hard you will pull the stem off the tree and that raspberry can not bear anymore fruit.

So mamas as you are Hot this summer don’t pull to hard on your babies find ways to cool off and have fun. You may net to give and gently pull but be aware for what they are ready for and what they are not! Some of our children are riper then others.

Remember Mama you are blessed !!

Author: Jennifer Pickett

I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I am a 34 year old ( I think.... that’s a story for another day) wife, mother, youth ministry leaders a mother member of Jack and Jill of America Incorporated and proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. I have 3 children Justice 11, Joy 6, and JJ 5 and amazing husband! I was born and raised in the North End of Hartford with 2 amazing and supportive parents. I have a Bachelors in Interpersonal and Relational Communication with a Minor in Psychology, Masters in Special Education and a Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis. For my career I am a Board Certified Behavior Analysis (this was truly a journey). This blog is to show you my everyday life and that by the Grace of GOD I am making it on broken pieces. I am choosing to thrive (not survive) at this mommy thing and I pray that this blog Blesses a Mama out there to keep going!!!!

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  1. Jackie Mendenhall - Your Mama says:

    Sunshine, excellent advice from experience! Keep this blog going!
    Love ya,
    YOUR Mama


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