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Mamas it’s Sunday my rest day!!as I prepare to work behind the scenes at church I pray that everyone take a moment to fill there cup up today! Read or listen to an inspirational word!! For me, I can’t wait for the word by my Pastor / Overseer/Founder Maurice S. Porter from the amazing Impact Church International (https://impactchurchnow.org/about-us).

My Church family has always been very important to me and has played a major part of my life. In the recent months the dynamic of my church family has changed. God has moved me to a different season in my life.

But, to every season there is a purpose. So, as I am walking in my calling I pray that each of the Mama’s reading this find the purpose that God has given to you and find a church that can feed your soul. God has a word for each of us and a church family for us to be a part of.

As a Mama when you hear about purpose sometime you think your purpose is to take care of your family by loving and providing for them. But, I challenge you to really look at the bigger picture. Your children will grow and move out but God has a plan for your life in order to serve him. He has a void that he wants to fill and it can only be filled when you fufill the purpose he has for you .

So yes, you are a Mama but examine your life and ask God what else he has planned for you and what does he want to use you for. Mama there is so much more purpose for your life then the day to day! My prayer is that you find it and walk in it boldly and confidently!!

Author: Jennifer Pickett

I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I am a 34 year old ( I think.... that’s a story for another day) wife, mother, youth ministry leaders a mother member of Jack and Jill of America Incorporated and proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. I have 3 children Justice 11, Joy 6, and JJ 5 and amazing husband! I was born and raised in the North End of Hartford with 2 amazing and supportive parents. I have a Bachelors in Interpersonal and Relational Communication with a Minor in Psychology, Masters in Special Education and a Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis. For my career I am a Board Certified Behavior Analysis (this was truly a journey). This blog is to show you my everyday life and that by the Grace of GOD I am making it on broken pieces. I am choosing to thrive (not survive) at this mommy thing and I pray that this blog Blesses a Mama out there to keep going!!!!

3 thoughts on “Purpose ……

  1. ezfam1 says:

    It’s hard to find your purpose when you’re busy with your kids and day to day stuff. It’s like your always in survival mode.

    1. Jennifer Pickett says:

      Yes but I truly believe God will meet you where you are. When you are busy God will speak to you in his own way and I believe your purpose will evolve and become apparent to you as you spend more time with him and find rest in him for example on you Sunday rest. Remember God knows your every move and he knows your heart he will meet you where you are!!!

  2. Jackie Mendenhall - Your Mama says:

    Hi Sunshine,
    I thank God for directing you into the purpose He has for you. I’m proud of you for being obedient to His call. Continue to walk in your purpose being directed by Jesus!! I say, To God be the glory for the great things He is doing in your life!!
    Love you to bits,
    YOUR Mama


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