Hey Mama’s Sunday’s are everything to me!! I love Sundays it’s the best day ever because I get to worship with my church family, then I get to go Rest and NOT feel guilty about it! Y’all I just started taking a NAP on Sundays!!! Let me say it is AMAZING!!! I don’t wash clothes, I don’t fold clothes, I don’t clean bathrooms! All I do is cook and Rest! Now as a Mama I know we say we don’t have time to sleep and I know it’s hard to lay down when there is so much todo around you. But I want you to take a moment and think about how you act when you are tired and weighted down rather then when you are rested. Now if we want to B the best Mama we can B we have to make time for Self-Care! For me I’m not doing anything Special or different, the same nap JJ takes during the week is the same nap he does on Sunday this time I lay down with him! That’s it ! Just sit or lay down with him! Today I want you to try it! Take one of your children nestle them in your arms and be in the moment ! You can close your eyes or watch TV but take a moment and do nothing!

Now maybe naps aren’t your thing but bubble bath or facial is, put on a movie for the kids and take a bath! Do something for you on Sundays that require you to sit still and do nothing (don’t move your body)! If you need to SCHEDULED IT IN!!! It’s important to try to make it a family routine because I notice that if Jeremie and I don’t take a rest together one of us will be short tempered. As Mama’s we need our rest because Magnificent Monday is right around the corner! Mama’s God is giving us Sundays to find rest in him ! If we don’t use it we loose it!

Verse to share:

Matthew 11:28

Author: Jennifer Pickett

I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I am a 34 year old ( I think.... that’s a story for another day) wife, mother, youth ministry leaders a mother member of Jack and Jill of America Incorporated and proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. I have 3 children Justice 11, Joy 6, and JJ 5 and amazing husband! I was born and raised in the North End of Hartford with 2 amazing and supportive parents. I have a Bachelors in Interpersonal and Relational Communication with a Minor in Psychology, Masters in Special Education and a Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis. For my career I am a Board Certified Behavior Analysis (this was truly a journey). This blog is to show you my everyday life and that by the Grace of GOD I am making it on broken pieces. I am choosing to thrive (not survive) at this mommy thing and I pray that this blog Blesses a Mama out there to keep going!!!!

8 thoughts on “SUNDAY☀️

  1. says:

    Carol D
    Thanks for reminding me to avoid washing, folding and ironing clothes on Sunday. I will get every thing done during the week

  2. Samara Scott says:

    Yesss my Sunday naps are EVERYTHING!! They just hit differently. The best! Couldn’t stand them as a kid but I live for them as an adult.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes, My Sunshine, ALL Mama’s need 5 minutes peace at some time or another!!!!! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t you do know who to call on, Jesus. He will come to your rescue and rejuvenate your body and spirit!
    Love ya,
    YOUR Mama

  4. Patrice M says:

    Sunday’s are definitely a day of rest for us. Love this!

  5. Amanda Pickett says:

    Thank you for the reminder! I too, try to nap with my little one at least 1 day over the weekend. It’s nice to cuddle up with her and give her some quality time, and I need it!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Naps are definitely important in self care.


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