B The Best Mama U can Be

So I told y’all about what Mama means to me and Blessed means sacred. To me it is a state of being!

But the B above the blessed has so much meaning to me! It tells me what I need to B as a Mama!

B-Loving( to everyone you come in contact with)

B- Christ Like(in everything I do)

B- Present (with your family)

B- Intentional (everything you do, do it for a reason that makes you happy)

B-Fun (life is to short make the best out of it)

B-Unique (it’s ok to be different and do things differently)

B-An Advocate (for my children and other children in need )

B-Myself ( don’t worry about what others think)

B- Forgiving (of myself and others)

So today I want you to make this personal! In the comments tell me what do you want/need to B as as Blessed Mama?

Author: Jennifer Pickett

I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I am a 34 year old ( I think.... that’s a story for another day) wife, mother, youth ministry leaders a mother member of Jack and Jill of America Incorporated and proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. I have 3 children Justice 11, Joy 6, and JJ 5 and amazing husband! I was born and raised in the North End of Hartford with 2 amazing and supportive parents. I have a Bachelors in Interpersonal and Relational Communication with a Minor in Psychology, Masters in Special Education and a Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis. For my career I am a Board Certified Behavior Analysis (this was truly a journey). This blog is to show you my everyday life and that by the Grace of GOD I am making it on broken pieces. I am choosing to thrive (not survive) at this mommy thing and I pray that this blog Blesses a Mama out there to keep going!!!!

3 thoughts on “B The Best Mama U can Be

  1. raynajd says:

    I like how intentional you were with the logo and the meaning is beautiful! I like the b present, that is something I have work on.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your blog today is so insightful. The charge that you have given us today causes us to really soul search and be thoughtful in our response. My B means – To be the best that I can be with God’s grace knowing that I am not perfect. This means – B- Christ like, kind, loving, forgiving, patient, an example, and encouraging,
    Love you to bits,
    YOUR Mama

  3. nisha2887 says:

    So encouraging! My B means B- Patient (with myself, my daughter, others and situations) God is teaching me this everyday in different ways. Btw cute pic! #BlessedMama


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